Safety PinPoint Locating Alberta

Safety isn't expensive, it's PRICELESS…..

At Pin Point Locating, Safety is of paramount importance. It exists at all levels from our company culture to our actions in the field.

With a large team working out in the field under a myriad of conditions, we believe that "it's better to have and not need than need and not have."
We ensure that each and every employee is current and qualified with multiple safety certifications - from C.S.T.S. to Level 2 Ground Disturbance to First Aid - or they don't go out into the field. Period.

While liability is important for any company, Pin Point's commitment to a safe and healthy work environment isn't rooted solely in protecting ourselves - it is rooted in protecting Our People.
Our People are our greatest asset - their skill sets are well developed, and their ability to do their job is something that Pin Point relies on each and every day - but most importantly - Our Team Members are like family, and their safety and general well-being is what is most important to us.

For more information about our Safety Practices, or for a specific question, please feel free to Contact Our Safety Officer directly

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