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Pin Point Locating builds Partnerships in the Field.

In the Energy Sector, there are many companies that fly by the seat of their pants, and are here today, gone tomorrow.

Pin Point Locating is proud work with some of Western Canada's largest and most dynamic field service companies and contractors.

Throughout our years of field service in the energy sector, we have developed long term relationships with clientele that ranges from enterprise level to contractor and operator-based organizations - and we've built these relationships by working with our clients like partners.
We approach our business like this, because we believe that long term working relationships are more important than transactions.
Building trust and rapport ensures that a higher level of relationship is built, and helps to move the project through more efficiently, and with a higher degree of safety and accuracy.

With our unique partnership based approach and experience working with a wide range and spectrum of clientele, Pin Point Locating is able to best understand each client's unique processes, and work with even the most subtle nuances of any Line Locating project - whether big or small - enabling us to rapidly perform due diligence and deliver on what you need in a professional manner - even in time sensitive situations.

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