About PinPoint Locating Alberta

You don't get this far without knowing your Industry.

PinPoint knows Line Locating.

With decades of accumulated experience working in the field, our peerless staff of professional, energy sector veterans and hand picked up and comers work with only the best equipment, ensuring a peerless degree of accuracy and delivering reports and details that you can rely on.

Our process ensures Due Diligence in every Line Locating project - ensuring that your line is clearly and safely marked and reported with accuracy.
Our Team Members are carefully selected, and meticulously trained in multiple areas of the Line Locating industry and processes.

As a Pin Point client, you can be certain that your project will be handled safely, accurately, and with the highest regard for the fact that your name, as well as ours, is on the line - each and every time.

When it's your name on the line - trust the professionals. Trust PinPoint Locating.

Pipeline & Utility Locating Alberta